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Welcome to NEWTON, Ask A Scientist!

NEWTON, Ask A Scientist is an electronic community for Science, Math, and Computer Science K-12 Educators that answers questions to enhance the knowledge of students and teachers alike!

Our service features three main sites, NEWTON Ask A Scientist, a site designed to answer and post certain questions from outside a textbook, NEWTON Teachers, a site designed to help teachers develop an exciting science curriculum, and the Cook County Nature Bulletins Site.

We have been running since 1991, and this site now receives more than ten to twelve million hits each month!

Thank you for your support and for visiting NEWTON!  To see more of what we do, please look below.

About Us!
Main Sites:
NEWTON is operated by the Argonne National Laboratory’s Educational Programs.

Argonne National Laboratory is managed by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

Our online question-and-answer service for K-12 teachers and their students was launched in November of 1991. Originally, NEWTON BBS, NEWTON has now served students and teachers for over twenty years!! We now have stored in our archive over 20,000 answers covering all aspects of science and mathematics dating back to our beginning.

In 2011, to mark our twentieth anniversary, we have deployed a new teachers resource site, called NEWTON Teachers, providing reference links, online projects, educational game links, and much more!!!

Thank you all for helping to make NEWTON a success for over 20 years!
NEWTON Archive NEWTON Archive
NEWTON Ask A Scientist! NEWTON Ask A Scientist!
NEWTON Teachers NEWTON Teachers
Cook County (Illinois) Forest Preserve District Nature Bulletins Cook (IL) County Forest Preserve Nature Bulletins

Our Archives - Where to Start: Our Archives - Where to Start:
Ask A Scientist contains an Archive which holds questions that our volunteer scientists have answered since our service began. The archive contains over 20,000 answers, and since 1991, questions have been answered from every country on the planet!
How to Ask A Question How to Ask A Question
Ask A Scientist focuses on questions that are not commonly found in libraries, reference books or text books. There are certain types of questions that Ask A Scientist does not address. For hints on using Ask A Scientist, please read here.
Ask A Question! Ask A Question!
Do you have a question that is not in the Archives? Then please Ask A Question! If it is a kind of question we can answer, we will send your question out to our volunteer experts who can answer it best! We try to answer you within the week. Please submit one at a time.
Question of the Week! Question of the Week!
This week's question was asked by Kari from Michigan, USA. She asked: When we go for an x-ray, Why do they only protect the body instead of our head? ... Read the answer!
Our Expert Scientists Our Expert Scientists - Learn About Our Staff
The Ask A Scientist program consists of over 92 volunteer scientists from all over the World with expertise in many sub-disciplines of science, math and computer science. If you would like to be a volunteer scientist, we would love to hear from you!  Also, meet our system operaters!
NEWTON Teachers! NEWTON Teachers!
The NEWTON Teachers was developed by teachers for teachers. We have provided sample classroom projects and experiments that you can look at, ideas for field trips, helpful scientific reference links, educational games for your students, and lesson plans for use in the classroom. Feel free to check it out!
Cook County Nature Bulletins Cook County Nature Bulletins
The Cook County (Illinois) Forest Preserve District Nature Bulletins are classics, and cover a wide range of nsture and wildlife topics. These are provided by the Cook County Forest Preserve District (Illinois). They are excellent motivators for writing projects and science interest activities, and are appropriate for all age levels.

NEWTON is operated by its System Operators.

NEWTON is an electronic community for Science, Math, and Computer Science K-12 Educators, sponsored and operated by Argonne National Laboratory's Educational Programs, Andrew Skipor, Ph.D., Head of Educational Programs.

For assistance with NEWTON contact a System Operator (, or at Argonne's Educational Programs

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