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Name: sarajane l burr
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Date: 1993 - 1999

Could you explain the space/time concept.

This is not easy in a few words. The old way of looking *(before Einstein) was that every point in space would have the same time. That anything happening at some other place would be simultaneous with what is happening here. When Einstein realized that the velocity of light was the same for all observers, then it meant that all points in space do not have the same time. It also means that you would disagree with someone else who is far away about the sequence of events and you could not agree is two event were simultaneous. What this meant was that time and the three directions in space were very much like four different dimensions of space, that time was really very much like one of the x,y,or z directions. Relativity effects arise mostly out of the mixing together of these different directions in a four dimensional space. I think I took too many words and may not have helped you. Ask again if that is the case.

Samuel P Bowen

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