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What evidence was used to prove Earth revolves around the sun?


Historically, there were two opposing theories: a heliocentric system (the Sun at the center of the universe) and a geocentric system (the Earth at the center of the universe). The geocentric theory was slowly eroded by many different observations: Mars and Jupiter were shown to have moons - and so the Earth was really not the true center if moons revolve around other planets; the planets themselves (meaning "wandering") could not be placed in any kind of circular or elliptical orbit - they seemed to move back and forth in the night sky (hence the name); Venus was observed to have a full set of phases just like the moon - which was a strong argument against Venus revolving around the Earth.

Ultimately, when physics united with astronomy, it could be shown that the mathematical predictions closely followed celestial observations - and this fit more with the ideas of heliocentricity.

Greg (Roberto Gregorius)

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