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Name: Jon Catoe
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Hi my name is Jon Catoe and I am a seventh grader. I am currently involved in a science research project. My topic is the Venus's Fly Trap, for which I have completed a report. My question is since there is a time of growth where the trap is not able to gather insects, how does the Venus Fly Trap receive its nitrogen supplement?

Jon, I don't have any written information on this, but from what I recall the Venus fly trap is able to grow as a regular plant and acquire nutrition from the soil. Consuming an unfortunate fly is supplementary. You might consult your library for a book on exotic houseplants. They also sell a variety of plant care books at your local bookstore. Ask the clerk or librarian for assistance if you have a hard time locating the information you are seeking. Thanks for using NEWTON!

Ric (rickru)

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