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Name: Nathan W Brandsma
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What are the chances that a diseases, like in the movie outbreak, could occur?

The movie Outbreak is about a disease caused by a virus. Many diseases are actually caused by viruses (AIDS, chicken pox, colds, etc). Most viral diseases can only be prevented (by getting vaccinated), but can't be cured; though we can often reduce the symptoms (like anti-itch cream for chicken pox, or cough drops for a cold). Viral diseases are usually spread from one person to another. What people sometimes worry about is a new virus that is deadly but can be spread really easily (like through the air or by touch). Since there are so many people in the world today, this virus could travel all over the place going from person to person. Nobody knows what the chances are that a virus like that will turn up. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that keep a close watch on infectious diseases, and have lots of doctors who specialize in containing "outbreaks." So it is something to think about, but I wouldn't stay up at night worrying about it!

David DeGusta

Well, since your original question, if you've been watching the news reports about Ebola virus, I'd say chances are pretty good.

Tom F Ihde

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