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Did evolution ever happen and if so is there any evidence?

Yes, evolution has happened and with luck will continue to happen. Some may think that life will cease unless evolution proceeds. Humans, with their ability to modify the environment may not require evolution. Evolution occurs as a result of complex interactions between changes in the environment and migrations into new niches of environments. A niche can be thought of an any aspect or combination of characteristics that interact to provide new food shelter, predators, parasites, reproductive success etc., that leads to the fixation of a "species" that occupies such a niche. Sounds like gobble-de-gook doesn't it! Actually evolution has been observed and scientists now know that it needn't take a long time (like millions of years). Recently. evolution was documented in finches that live in the Galapagos islands. I believe the period of time was about 20 years. Also, evolution has been in the laboratory by studying a small fish that evolved into a new species when it was forced to live in a new habitat. Evolution must be thought of as a continual process that may or may not proceed slowly. Plants and animals probably require it and so may we. Keep your curiosity!

Michael B Lomonaco

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