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Name: June Hagberg
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I need information on Pandas for Grade 8. Habitat? Food? Why are they endangered? How many in the wild? In captivity? Breeding success in captivity? Etc.? Thank you in advance!

Try an encyclopedia!! Also, National Geographic magazine is sure to have at least one issue in the last 10 years with an article on pandas.
Anyway, there are two species:
Red Panda: habitat: forests of the Himalayas and W China
                      food: roots, nuts, lichens, and bamboo shoots
                      status: unknown (to me...)
Giant Panda: habitat: cold bamboo forests of central China
                       food: young bamboo shoots
                       status: "very rare"
From: my handy-dandy single volume encyclopedia, New Webster's Universal Encyclopedia; any of the usual multi-volume encyclopedias should have much more info...

Jade Hawk

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