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Name: Sandy C. and Becca S. and Jessica M.
Grade 7 Glen Crest Jr. High Status: N/A Age: N/A Location: N/A Country: N/A Date: N/A

Would it ever be possible for an animal to have another animals baby? For example, women can be impregnated without having intercourse now because of modern technology. So, could a cow for example carry an endangered species' offspring?

Sandy, Becca, and Jessica,

Is suspect that you have not received an answer to this question yet because there is not a definite answer. In order to bear offspring there are many factors that must be met. Primarily, the father and mother must be of the same species or at least very similar. There are so many new developments in the area of artificial insemination that it is hard to say no, a cow can not carry and endangered species, it is highly unlikely at this time. Keep up your curiosity, it is a characteristic of all scientists! (By the way I teach 6th grade science and am currently teaching a human growth and development unit in which the students have been asking questions very similar to yours).

I wish I had the facts but maybe a local zoo keeper or veterinarian can help you. I know this has been tried for a few species that are similar but I don't remember the details. I vaguely recall some efforts with some endangered goats and horses using their respective domestic varieties as surrogates. Let NEWTON in on your findings!

Bob W Whitbeck

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