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Name: Jason A Stamm
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I am a senior chemistry major interested in going to grad school, specifically for something combining the areas of medicine and chemistry. Would applying to medicinal chemistry programs be a good idea, or are these programs too narrowly focused? would a Ph.D. or MD be a wiser choice (if I want to do research in this area)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to do research connecting medicine and chemistry, then a Ph.D. in biochemistry or medicinal chemistry (or related areas, such as pharmacology, physiology, etc) would put you on the right career path. If you want to practice medicine, and do some research as well, then your MD program is the ticket. Some people do both MD and Ph.D. - its a lot of work, and a long time in school, but can provide some opportunities that either degree alone may not provide.
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Steve J Triezenberg

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