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Name: John M Mills
Age: N/A
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Date: N/A 

Is self image independent of overall physical fitness?


Your question seems to ask an opinion, as I don't think this can really be quantified. My opinion is yes, I feel the two are independent, but interrelated.

What I mean by this is first, the two things, the level of physical fitness and self image are not static---that is- they change many times over the life of an individual. I think many many many factors go into the formation of a person's self image.....physical fitness and/or ability is certainly one of the factors. Others might include social standing, something we call 'beauty' or 'handsome-ness', conditions during upbringing, and other factors which might actually appear to be 'external' to self. During a person's growth and/or maturation, they will invariably question many things about themselves and then come to some self-actualized acceptance of oneself. Those who might not be physically fit, in my opinion, can still have a good, healthy self image if they are self actualized and are content with their bodies and their lives. Conversely, there are certainly 'fitness nuts' who might actually have a poor self image due to some of the other factors described above.

I think this is one of those questions with 1000 opinions, all of which are probably correct :) Any other takers?


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