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Name: Chris Gioia   Jamie Taylor   Paul Imbordino
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We have checked archives in Biology for questions on frogs Why do frogs croak?

Hi Chris, Jamie and Paul! Thanks for your question! Though there are a lot of different kinds of frogs, from what we know, many of the males make a series of "metallic" clicking calls to attract females. In South America, males start calling at the beginning of the rainy season (October-March).

This information was from an article called "Adaptations in Frogs and Toads" by Karl H. Switak in PACIFIC DISCOVERY vol. XXIX #5 Sept-Oct 1976. If you'd like to learn more about frogs , you can find this article and many others (and books, too!) , with the help of your librarian. By the way, frogs make many other noises besides the clicking, too. Noises like croaks, whistles and burps! They were also probably one of the first animals in the world to make any noises at all! It was a good idea to check the biology archives first, now , thanks to your question, there probably will be some information on frogs in the archives, too!

Tom F Ihde

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