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Name: Darin W Meyer
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I am teaching a fifth grade science class and I have a student that is very interested in doing an individual project on genetics. Specifically he is interested in heredity, dominant/recessive genes, cross breeding, DNA, RNA. Any suggestion for projects that he could do? I would be interested in having him do something collaboratively with another student teacher etc so that he has some on-line experience. I would be grateful for any help that anyone could give me. I could also use more sources on info for me to use as I direct his study. This fifth grade student is capable of content in the 9-10 grade range.

I do have rats and mice in my room. What about a little breeding program?

I would recommend you look into the Wisconsin Fast Plants projects available from Carolina Biologicals. These plants have been bred to do everything very fast. The life cycle is relatively short, which is important to getting results quickly in genetics. Carolina has kits that are ready to go for students of all ages. The materials are open-ended and encourage students to come up with their own projects and explore questions of interest to them.

Brian Schwartz

I second the first response. My students have had wonderful experiences with Fast Plants. It also gets students to see that plants are alive!

Ellen Mayo

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