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Found a cure for AIDS and cancer?

You've asked a bigger question than these seven words indicated!
In response:
No, there is no " cure" for AIDS. There are several approved drug treatments that seem to slow the growth of the HIV viruses (which causes AIDS), and seem to slow the progress ogress of the AIDS disease. So far, these are imperfect for several reasons; they don't work for everyone, they have serious side effects, and the virus is "learning" to overcome these drugs. Cancer is actually many different diseases, with many different causes, affecting many different parts of the body, and with many different outcomes. There are cures for a few types of cancer; effective treatments for many others; but there are still some types that we don't have effective weapons to use. against. Your local office of the American Cancer Society may be able to provide more information, if you are looking for specific details.

Steve J Triezenberg

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