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Name: Kathryn A Mulligan
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Will vitamin C boost immunity? Can sorrow or anger deplete it? Does lack of sleep affect it? Can we stockpile immunity?

I haven't seen any "scientific" evidence for a role for Vitamin C by itself in immunity but nutrition in general is certainly important. People who suffer from malnutrition have a much higher incidence of disease. The possible role of physical/emotional stress in immunity is a very complex issue. There is no doubt that factors from the immune system and nervous system interact but it is not yet clear how emotions and sleep may effect immunity. Some studies indicate that stress is somewhat beneficial in immunity while others have shown it to be detrimental. If stress is having a negative effect on you in general then you can bet that your immune system will likewise be negatively effected. And no, there is no real t way to stockpile immunity, it is a normal body process. The most you can do is stay away from things that will depress your immune system.

-Rob Christner

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