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Name: Harriet Rykse
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I am a Biology student in Grade 13 (OAC). I live in London Ontario, Canada. I have chosen my research topic on cetaceans (dolphins and whales). I am interested in finding more research on their form of communication, orientation, and their intelligence. Is there a person I can contact that is doing research in this area? I am interested in mainly primary literature.

I don't know the people, but there may be better ways to start your literature search. If there is a university nearby, find its science library and a good research librarian to help. Try to find a recent book on the subject, one which has lists of the primary literature that you can use. Otherwise, look in the library's list of journals for things like "Cetacean Biology" or some such titles. Then look for what's called a review article on communication. Review articles are very direct and up-to-date guides to the recent literature. Good luck.


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