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Name: Heather Skeba
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
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When I get into the real world I was thinking of being a biologist. How much schooling do you need? What will be the best biologist job? I really need to know, I'm in the 5th grade, almost into 6th.

Good for you! I'm a biologist and I love every minute of it. There are many possible jobs, and how much schooling you need depends on the job. At least, you need to graduate from college with a degree in biology, botany, zoology or a related field. With such a degree, you can work as a technician in a biotechnology company, or as a field biologist for the government, or similar career. Or you can go on and get a Ph.D. in biology, which takes about 5 years beyond college. With that education, you can be a professor at a university and do original research and teach classes, or you could direct an entire group doing research in biotechnology. So there are many, many possibilities, that all start with a college education, so concentrate on that. Most importantly, follow your interests, because for a career to be fun, you need to be excited about it.


ProfBill's answer is right on target. I would like to add that the best job for a biologist is the one that makes her the happiest. Study hard, Heather, and load up on science and math in high school. Good luck and best wishes.


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