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Name: Theo
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 

I got some kind of lice from a birds nest in my window. i just bought some treatment and have applied it. The odd part is that the lice were everywhere. facial hair, chest,back head you name it. i am Afro-American so i don't have much hair to start with but the lice didn't seem to mind. What kind of bugs were/are they? I have washed everything i can, i was also wondering if cold (i have a large deep frezer) will kill them and there eggs?

Please NOTE: I replied to Theo to see a doctor soon. I'm also sending this out just in case you may have information about this subject.

I second the advice, which I assume has been followed, to see a doctor. The critters are, simply, bird lice, there are many kinds and nests are almost always full of them. Usually they are not a problem for people but as you have unfortunately found they can move to people given the opportunity. What were you planning to put in the freezer? You should not handle the nest at all, except perhaps to move it out of your window. Freezing might kill the lice, or maybe not, I'm not sure, but certainly will not harm the eggs. Hot water washing SHOULD get rid of them from your clothes etc., with bleach if that is possible for the items being washed. Good luck

John Elliott

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