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Are peanuts harmful for squirrels? In the winter I put out field corn. Presently have one friendly female who looks for a treat to be tossed her way.

Peanuts will not hurt squirrels, they love them. However, feeding wild mammals is usually not a very good idea, though lots of people do it. They can become dependent on you and possibly starve if you are not around in severe weather, and they may appear to become tame, will be used to approaching people, and will be vulnerable to people who aren't as "friendly" as you are. Also people-dependent squirrels sometimes bite people, particularly children, who think they look like pets, and then have to be destroyed. So my advice is to enjoy watching your squirrels but don't "tame" them. Let wildlife be wild.

John Elliott

Most experts agree that squirrels who are fed peanuts regularly, do not seek other foods that provide them with their total nutritional needs. There are articles on this topic that can be found within a library.

Steve Sample

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