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Name: claire
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

I live in Northeast PA,Monroe County.My husband and I were riding through a State park and saw a white deer with alittle brown on it's face,and alittle spot of brown on its body. Do you know of any white deer sightings in this area? And,can you give me some imformation on this deer. I was reaaly amaze at this,I will be going back to this area more often to try to get some pictures of it.


I just spoke with my brother who is an avid hunter and usually hunts in Pike County. He told me he has heard of albino deer through a friend who has seen several of them over his many hunting years. He also mentioned one was killed in near Allentown when it ventured onto a highway in the city.

Albinos do occur in deer, and they result from a lack of pigmentation, most likely through some genetic error. The error results in the chain of normal pigmentation processes being broken so that normal pigment is not produced successfully. Just as in albino rabbits or other mammals, you should see that the animal's eyes appear pink because normal pigmentation there is also lacking. (Note that flash photography makes almost everyone appear pink-eyed).

Good luck with your attempt to photograph the deer.

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Internal Quality Auditor
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