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Name: Al
Location: N/A
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I have a problem with black snakes (Rat snake) Elaphe obsoleta, taking over a storage shed. Are there any known and available repellents that will drive them out of my shed. I have had them removed and released at distant locations but they or others return. Any assistance you can provide would be apreciated.

Your shed is probably a nice, dry, protected place that the snakes love to use for shedding their skins. We used to have an old car in a shed out in the woods, and the snakes loved to shed their skins in the engine. They liked the place so much I grew to suspect that that was why the building was called a "shed." Anyway, the only way I can think of to keep snakes out of a wonderful place like that would be to have it sealed up so well that they couldn't get in. That's probably not possible to do, given how most sheds are constructed.

On the other hand, the snakes probably do a good job controlling the rodent population. So be careful that you don't bring upon yourself a worse problem by eliminating another.

Richard Barrans Jr., Ph.D.

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