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Name: Linda
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
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A student brought me a small box turtle with a shell about 5 inches long. It has swollen "cheeks" and looks very much like ET. It is very aggressive and seems fearless. Is this a special type,a mutation,injury or disease? How can we take care of him in captivity or should we let him go?

I would have to see the animal to tell any more about it, what exactly "swollen" means. If possible take it to a vet, nature center, herp society, someone with some knowledge of turtle care, to see if there is something that needs treatment. My opinion in general is that wild animals should be left in the wild, however box turtles can often be kept successfully and in Illinois there is no law against it, as there is for birds and mammals. Lots of good books in libraries on turtle care.

J. Elliott

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