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Name: Fiona
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

We like to feed the wild birds in winter but have noticed that the Wren does not come to the feeder. We are feeding peanuts and we get a wide range of birds feeding but cannot find out what we should be potting out for this particular bird.

Wow, that's a real puzzler for USA bird watchers/feeders. Since house and winter wrens do not stay in the northern states (I am writing from northern Illinois) in winter I don't have any experience with feeding them (what we call winter wren is the same species as your wren). Carolina wrens do stay at times in winter but I don't remember them coming to the feeders. Since wrens are insect eating birds primarily, perhaps they would use a suet feeder? That's what we feed woodpeckers and other insect eating birds in winter.

J. Elliott

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