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Name:  Katherine
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I raise monarch caterpillars in the summer. Today I found a "woolly bear"(Isabella Tiger Moth) in the parking lot all curled up. I took him home to find out what he does in the winter. He has warmed up quite a bit and expended energy crawling on my shirt. After giving him something to hibernate under/in, should I take him onto my porch, leave him by a cool window, or leave him on my kitchen table or what? Also, should I give him something to eat after warming him all up and getting him moving again. I live in Michigan and it has been unseasonably warm here.I would like to do right by this fuzzy thing, but fear I may have goofed him all up? I would however like to watch him spin his cacoon this spring. Please give me some guidance if you would. Thank you for your time. The fuzzy thing thanks you too.

Nuts! I once kept a wooly bear until it turned into a moth, but I don't remember what I fed it, how I kept it, or any of that stuff. It'll probably be all right if you put it in a box with some insulating material (grass, leaves, etc) and keep it in a protected place, like a garage. Or you can just let it go in your back yard, see where it tries to go, and try to give it an environment like that.

Richard Barrans Jr., Ph.D.

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