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Name:  Janice
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

I am worried about the bullfrog in my pond. He won't leave the water to go hybernate. He was leaving but here in Maryland the weather has been changing so much I think he is confused and now there is ice in my pond. We are expecting some more fairly warm weather this week. Is there anything I can to to encourage him to hybernate?


You will find that in general wildlife are less confused than it seems. We often learn a lot when we observe wildlife activities. I would not interfere with the bullfrog's activities, but simply note his/her actions and the date/temperature. You can compare the actions to next year's, and see if you can predict future year actions based upon your observations.

This observation, without interference, is the purest form of science, and helps to weed out human interventions from observed actions of nature.

Good luck!

Thanks for using NEWTON!

Richard R. Rupnik

Is the pond artificial or natural, did the frog get there by itself? If its a natural pond and the frog got there on its own, not to worry. Bull frogs usually spend the winter in their resident pond, under the ice.

J. Elliott

Bullfrogs hybernate under the pond water, if it is a natural pond!. He will burrow down into the soft material under the pond when s/he is ready.
Not to worry!


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