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Name: Melissa
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hello. i have a question about my asain toad. i have had him for a year and yesterday when i came home he was dead. he wouldnt eat for a couple days before that. i cant seem to find any information on asain toads. could you please tell me what their life span is and how exactly to take care of them...(heat lamps, how much to feed him..etc) im not sure i got the right info. from the pet store. i am very puzzled as to why he died, and really sad... i would greatly appreciate it. thank you..melissa

Toads get a number of diseases, some of which are threatening wild populations of amphibians, but as pets, a very common problem is nutritional disease from a diet that is not ideally balanced. It is important to have as much information as possible on the proper diet and care. There are a number of good books about care of frogs and toads that you could find in your local public library, or that the library might be able to get from other libraries. I'd look for ones that were quite recently published, since new information is becoming available all the time.

Another good place to start is at the website:

You might also ask your veterinarian if she knows about health of toads. More and more vets are becoming well versed in exotic pets because more and more people own these unusual types of animals.

Thanks for asking NEWTON!

Laura Hungerford

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