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Name: kara
Location: N/A
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what actually is spirogyra: a fungi or algea or what? also what is the effect of acid rain on the cell structure of spirogyra?

Dear Kara:

Spirogyra is a type of algae.

and here are two experiments on acid rain effects on Spirogyra:
ALGAE, ALGAE, EVERYWHERE! Reyna, Marcela Rosales, Eric Sophomores, Harlingen High School, Harlingen The purpose of the experiment was to determine the affects of acid rain on the cell structure of Spirogyra. The Spirogyra was gathered from a local pond. The water was filtered and equally divided into three fish bowls, which contained equal amounts of Spirogyra. One fish bowl served as a control. The second fish bowl contained 3 cc of sulfuric acid, while the third bowl contained 12 cc of sulfuric acid. Throughout the three days of observing the Spirogyra, the control remained healthy. Bowl two showed signs of deterioration which progressed over the three days. In bowl three the Spirogyra was completely destroyed. Since little research has been conducted on the affects of acid rain in the Valley, this experiment hopes o create awareness for further study.
EV.15: Stephen Slizewski The Effects of Acid Rain on Spirogyra The effects of acid-rain on Spirogyra were tested. Three separate one-gallon fishbowls, each containing an an equal amount of Spirogyra, were set up. Each day, two drops of 10% sulfuric acid solution were added to one boal, and one drop to another. The third boal served as a control. Samples were taken from each to determine the percentage of the Spirogyra that survived the acid exposure. The data were analyzed by statistical techniques.


Anthony R. Brach

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