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Name: Christopher
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I just read your description of weasels, their habitat, diet, hunting habits, etc., and I have an interesting question for you. (You showed up on page 1 of a Yahoo! search on "weasel")

Our cat recently killed (but didn't mangle) a small mammal of the weasel family (it looks in profile exactly like a weasel or mink but is smaller). We would like for my wife, a teacher, to be able to use this little critter (it is dead, but i have it frozen) in a lesson, but I would like to positively identify it. Any information or leads you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

We live along a creek, surrounded by agricultural property in central Indiana. There is a greenway along the creek (wooded). The body length of the animal is about 6", the tail adds 2-3" more. It is brown above and a cream-color below. The cat brought it in on about December 12. The tail seems uniformly brown, the fur is short and is not "fluffy" (not squirrel-like). If further description would help you make an ID, please let me know. Thanks for your time.

This sounds like it could be a least weasel, the least common of the three weasels in North America, but does range to central Indiana.

J. Elliott

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