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Name: Hans
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Why are so many people, like me, helpless without glasses? In hard times survival of the fittest should have severely punished individuals having poor sight. So in the previous generations, and in our mammalian predecessors, propensity to poor sight should have been weeded out.

This is not a question that has not been asked a number of times by scientists. The reason for the increase of glasses wearing seems to be a product of the modern environment. For example, it has just recently learned that night lights in infants and young children's room during the nighttime hours may be the cause of many glasses wearers in later years. New statistical analysis support this notion. There is some detrimental effect of sleeping with a light on in the room.

Other reasons are forecoming, but the data is not available yet.

Steve Sample Up-date April 2013 There may be some pertinent information at tjhe following web site: Http://

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