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Name: toreyi
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

My mom transplanted a house cactus and found a frog buried in the soil. We do not want to throw it outside, because it is too cold and could freeze. How should we care for the tree frog til spring? Usually these are bright green, but currently this one is all gray. If the frog is alive, it is in hybernation. Your tampering with it will probably assure its demise. However, if it does revive in the warmth of the house, make certain it has a supply of fruit flies or insects for it will be very hungry.

The best plan would have been to return it to the same depth in the soil and very near where you had found it.

Steve Sample

If you brought the cactus in from outside, which I suspect is the case, then you can put the frog in a cool but not subzero place for the rest of the winter, protected in a box say. If the transplanted cactus was already inside maybe you could just rebury it? Very carefully of course! If the transplanted cactus is in the same environment - that is in the same or similar room in the house, it seems you could let it spend the winter in the new pot.

J. Elliott

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