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Name: Donna
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

1. How invasive are Cattails (Northeastern Pennsylvania)?
2. How is the best way to get them? Buy seeds or roots. Ask for roots from an owner of wetlands?
3. Are there any titles you can recommend?
4. Plant catalogs?
I want to add some cattails in and around a pond I have acquired. I don't want to make a mistake enviornmentally or economically.


I would not worry about buying cattails. If you "build it, they will come". Cattails love permanently wet soil with only a few inches of water. Once you get them you will be asking how to get rid of them, or at least, how to control them. Cattails are found throughout the world wherever such conditions occur. They are not able to tolerate deep water situations. Once you get them, don't allow the water to cover them for extended periods of time or they will die. The general rule of thumb is that you won't find cattails in water 3 feet or more deep. You might want to consider planting other wetland loving plants first, if your plan to include other plants. Once cattails take over it is difficult to establish anything else.

Wayne Vanderploeg

Dear Donna,

Cattails are okay for the northeast (PA). I think rhizomes for vegetative propagation is best.

The following should be helpful: ct97/clip1015.htm .htm


Anthony R. Brach

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