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Name: Steven
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What causes the white tail deer to enter into the rut? What causes the white tail deer to exit out of the rut?

The breeding season for deer takes place in the late fall [exact timing varies by latitude], however, the preparation of the animals for the rutting season begins in the summer. The sex hormones are slowly increased over the preceding months and explains such things as the antler development in males and the preparation of the female reproductive track to maturate. The photoperiodism [amount of daylight] of the seasons probably governs this process and it most definitely biological, meaning genetic.

The hormone levels build up to a peak and at this time the female produces pheromones that attack the males; this will result in matings. The males are ready before this time, but are stimulated by these chemicals. After mating, the pheromone secretions stop and it is all over.

The reason is clear. Nature provides the deer birthing to take place in late May or early June [varies by latitude] whereby adequate food and cover is available to assure survival of the fawns.

Steve Sample

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