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Name:  Nicole
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

I am doing a lab to teat the effectiveness of anitbacterial cleaners in my biology class. I was wondering if you know which ingredient of antibacterial sprays is most effective? How does it work to kill the bacteria?

Dear Nicole,

In the Virtual Museum of Bacteria, you will find a display about
food safety, at
In this page there is a link to an article from Scientific American dealing with antibacterial agents in sprays and cleansers.

Dr. Wassenaar

It depends on the bacteria you use. Different organisms have different sensitivities to the same disinfectants. If you are having them test them on their own hand bacteria, not all of the bacteria will be killed. (You can't sterilize your skin) In fact you may not see much of a difference at all! You might try different types of antiseptics/disinfectants on the same bacteria, or different strengths of the same antiseptic on the same bacteria.

Van Hoeck

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