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Name: Yacob
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
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Hey. THis isn't about me, but a genetics q. on a friend. Stop me if i'm wrong, but I always thought that to have left handedness, you need to recesive left genes l l If you have an R then it is dominient, and takes over. This girls mum is left handed, and must have l l So is her dad. Her brother is also left handed, having taken an l from one, and an l from the other. His sister, is right handed. But?? If she is, she must be R l or R r, and have taken a right from a parent. But the parent can't have a right, or they'll be right handed too. So I'm thinking that its not as simple as it looks. But can you try and explain?

Its been bugging me fer a while now.

Handedness is not necessarily inherited.

Van Hoeck

It's not as simple as it looks. The genetics of handedness is not fully understood. It's not as simple as right-dominant/left-recessive. There are theories involving several genes combining to produce the handedness trait, but the genes responsible have not been identified.

Richard E. Barrans Jr.

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