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Name:  Cordell
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

We are infested with june bugs next to the street light near the end of my driveway. They have burrowed into the ground and underneath my driveway. Yesterday we shoveled 2/3 of a 33-gallon trash bag of just bugs. What can we spray or do to kill these june bugs?

Not knowing which part of the country you are from and I could be wrong because of this fact buy this does not sound like June Bugs. This has to be a Circadia outbreak which are relatives to the June Bug. They run in 13, 17 or other year cycles and this depends upon the part of the country you are from. Ask a local garden center or naturalist and you'll probably see that this won't happen again for a number of years to come.

Steve Sample

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