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Name: Whitney and Danielle
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Hello, we are two 8th grade students at Gilmour Academy in Cleveland, oh. We are doing a project on how to create the "perfect baby". We are branching off the topic of "genetics", that we are studying in Science Class. We have a couple of simple questions that we thought maybe you could anwser for us. The first question is, What are some things you would have to consider to decide if getting the ideal baby made for you is ethical. What do you have to consider if you want to create it? What is the exact process? Lastly, What are some dangers in doing this? Have there been any instances when the mother, or baby has been in danger or harmed by this process? Are there any good online resources that you could send us links to? We wil be so happy if you respond! Thanks so much!

Bioethics is a topic we avoid in answering. There are HUGE amounts of data on the web and there is an encyclopedia just for biothical topics (4 volumes). Your questions are excellent, but we avoid opinion questions for obvious reasons. We are all volunteers and we agreed not to send out these types of questions. As a matter of fact, two of your questions are being researched right now and the answers will change as time goes on. This will be the Century of Biology and genetics and the Human Genome Project will be the forefront all this movement.

As a teacher I have my students write a paper on an bioethical issue and there is no limit to the information available. All you have to do is to dig into a library.

Steve Sample

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