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Name: kate
Location: N/A
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how do i grow tall? please tell me some advice or exercise.

I'm sorry but there is no exercise for making you taller. You are genetically programmed to be a certain height. That was determined before you were born. There are a few factors that make you NOT reach your genetically programmed height, such as diet and the way your mother took care of herself when she was pregnant. For instance, if you were supposed to be 5'6" and you didn't get the right diet when you were growing ( which you probably still are!) or your mother drank, smoked and had a bad diet while she was pregnant with you, you may not reach 5'6". You might be shorter. But there isn't anything you can do to make yourself TALLER than you were supposed to be. Take heart-you are only 14 and you will probably still grow a little bit. Have you started you period yet? I ask this because girls usually stop growing about a year after their period begins.

Van Hoeck

If you're only 14, you may not have hit your maximum height yet. A lot of it's in the genes, but a good balanced diet helps a lot. If you're a picky eater or have bad eating habits, a daily multivitamin might help some, but stay away from any of the megadose types. More is not always better, and excess vitamins can poison you or put a strain on your liver and kidneys. Exercise in general is good, and weight bearing exercise builds bone density. Good for warding off osteoporosis later in life. I'm pretty sure though that there's no particular excercise that can maximize your height.


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