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Name: Helen
Location: N/A
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How do we discourage geese from congregating on our lawn?

I have a friend that has a falconer's license and is a decent authority on birds. He has told me that as long as people, companies and golf courses have plush, green lawns the geese are going to stick around. He noted two things that would probably be effective but not very socially acceptable. Introduce predators (like birds of prey or coyotes) and plant tall brown prairie grass. All that plush green grass is a prime food source for the geese and having so much of it around doesn't give them any reason to leave.

Joe Schultz

Not easy - depends a lot on the whole situation, how big is the lawn, how close to what kind of water, etc. Simplest - get an aggressive dog. More complicated and maybe not possible for you, encourage tall dense vegetation, especially along the water where geese come ashore - they like short lawn grass, not tall things like cattails, phragmites, shrubs, etc. There are no simple repellents or anything like that.

J. Elliott

This has been a discussing in our area for some time and the answers have been vague. The only sure fire way is to have a dog. Geese are very brave and will challenge most animals including humans. Dogs bother them a great deal. The Canada Geese are protected by law so extreme measures are not permitted. Other than that, there is little that can be done.

Steve Sample

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