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What antibiotics are commonly used to eliminate the "E-coli" bacterium?

Your question is not specific. Every person has E. coli in their intestines because they are normal gut flora. Only special kinds of E. coli cause disease, the ones that are pathogenic, and of these the type E. coli O157:H7 is most 'famous'. it is the kind that was found in beef (hamburgers!). Pathogenic E. coli most often cause diarrhea, and in rare cases this can result in complications of which Hemolytic Uremic Syndrom is the most feared. In that caase kidney function fails and that can be fatal. However most people suffer from diarrhea only, and do not need treatment. It is not proven that antibiotics help recover from diarrhea due to E. coli, and antibiotics are not normally prescribed in the case of an E. coli infection. Plenty of fluid intake to prevent dehydration is the best medication. Your body can do the rest. Certain E. coli can infect the urinary tract. In that case antibiotics are prescribed.

Trudy Wassenaar

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