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Name: Walter
Status: student
Grade: N/A
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

What is the ideal time to transplant "jack-in-the-pulpit" plants?


Anthony R. Brach, Ph.D.


Spring or fall will work, though I have found that disturbing plants like Jack in the Pulpit in the spring can cause them to miss a year of flower production. Depending upon your location, I would suggest after fall begins but before the ground freezes solid. You might want to mark the location of the plants clearly, because if they wither or blow away, you might find it difficult to find the plants you wish to move. Good luck!

Thanks for using NEWTON!

Richard R. Rupnik

Spring, I guess. That's when you will find them up. You could try in late summer when the fruits have ripened and the plant is going into dormancy. Where are you getting the plants? Not from the wild I hope!

John Elliott

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