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Name: Joy
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I'm home schooling and we want to start a garden of apple trees in our back yard. I think it would be a wonderful experiment for my two older children. I'm not so sure how to go about this, but I was wondering if I could grow an apple tree from an apple seed; like buy an apple from the farmers market and take the seeds out and plant them- we do want to grow fruit so that we could eat them. Can we do that or will the fruit not grow?

Try it! Make it an experiment for all of you!

Richard Barrans
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Wyoming

Your local nursery or Ag. extension agency should be able to direct you to an appropriate apple seed variety. There is one problem I perceive have. It takes several years (I don't know how many exactly) for an apple tree to begin to bear fruit. So your students may have long flown the nest before you see any apples.

Vince Calder

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