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Name: Maryann
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Does the presence of lots of pinecones on our fir trees forecast weather for the previous or future winter or summer?

Pine, fir and other cones, along with acorns, thickness of animal fur, and many other observations in nature have long been a big part of weather lore. They are all responses to weather and other conditions during the previous season or seasons, no plants or animals can predict future weather - not even as well as human meteorologists, and they don't do so well more than about 7 days ahead.

J. Elliott

The presence of lots of pine cones on fir trees forecasts a shift in the genetic make-up of the fir trees. For a FIR tree to have PINE cones is really quite a feet! Sounds like these trees are doing a bit more than falling in the woods when no one is around...

Pine trees have pine cones. Fir trees have fir cones.

Other than that I do not know if cone quantity is predictive or indicative of weather patterns. I would not think it would be a forecasting tool. Potentially it could related to the past weather.

Ian Farrell

I guess you mean fir cones on fir trees, or pine cones on pine trees.

Either way, the following may be helpful:


Anthony R. Brach
Missouri Botanical Garden
c/o Harvard University Herbaria

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