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I'd like to ask a botanist a simple question (I think), but one which hours of web searching hasn't clearly answered so far. How long do pollen seasons (specifically live oak) last? I'd always heard the cycles were about 6 weeks long. Where I live (Austin, Tx), our oak season usually starts in early to mid-March and is done by early May. Imagine my surprise to see oak pollen registering in pretty high numbers since mid-February this year. We have been in a drought if that makes a difference. Logic tells me that if it starts early one year, it would therefore end early? Am I correct in this assumption? I'd deeply appreciate any clarification you could give me on this question.

Live oak refers to a number of different species.

e.g., Quercus fusiformis, which is noted as flowering in "spring" but can be variable.

Anthony Brach Ph.D.

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