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Name: Jeffy
Status: student
Grade: 6-8
Country: USA
Date: winter 2011-2012

I am in sixth grade and I want to make video games when I grow up. What do I need to know, and what do I need to do now and in college?


The best thing you can do to assure your success in life is to get a good education that will turn you into a whole, well rounded person. The ancient Greeks revered those that achieved the title of "scholar-athlete."

To be a successful video game designer you need skills in: Math Science Computer Programming Literature Writing

So in college you need to pursue a degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Literature. Also look for classes in creative writing, mythologies of the world, and a background in business finance wouldn't hurt either.

But most of all, look for an institution in which you will become an "educated" person.

Sincere regards, Mike Stewart

Obviously you will need to know a lot about computers and computer programing. But the big need you will have that you can start on TOMORROW is a strong grounding in mathematics -- of all kinds. Without that grounding you will not be able to get very far.

Vince Calder

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