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Name: Allyson
Status: student
Grade: 6-8
Location: PA
Date: January 2008

My friend says that her chickens lay green eggs, but they are white on the inside. Can chickens lay green eggs?

The color of chickens' egg shells depends upon the breed of chicken, what it eats and, sometimes its age. The nutrition in and egg does not depend upon the shell color, but some folks think brown eggs are better tasting and better for you. Chickens can usually lay eggs whose shells are white, brown and even a greenish color.

I have been told by those who raise chickens that you can get different colored yolks in your eggs by feeding chickens different kinds of dyes or feed. The "white" of these "dyed" eggs will be white, but the yolk could actually be orange or even green, just like in the book!

R. Avakian

I've never seen a naturally green egg, but if you overcook the yolk, it will turn green. Perhaps when your friend boils the eggs, she's just leaving them in the water too long? Can you send a picture of this green egg? Sometimes science starts with gathering data.


Actually, I have a comment regarding the green chicken eggs. The shell of some South American and Central American breeds' eggs range from blue to green. Two of those breeds are sold near where I live in Central Florida. They are called Ameraucana and Americauna, and these breeds are related. You can verify this info with the American Poultry Association or see the following website for more information: The inside of the eggs are naturally white with yellow yolks. They are large and very tasty, like the brown-shelled free-range types. Educators might be interested to know that any student who knows the Seuss story of Green Eggs and Ham can be captivated be eating these foods while listening to a read-aloud of the book. The eggs can be hard-boiled for this purpose. My niece and nephew got a huge kick out of it when they were in elementary school.

Hope this helps your research in answering the student's question.

Melissa Morgan

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