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Name: ryan j goes
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I have a math problem in school. It says: There are 70 markers in a bag. 30% are brown, 20% are red, 20% are yellow, 10% are orange, 10% are green and another 10% is an odd color. How many brown, red, yellow, orange, green and the odd color are there. Can you help me? Thanks

Maybe you don't quite understand the meaning of '%'? Example: the 10% which are orange - you'll need to calculate how much 10% of 70 is.

'%' is simply a short notation for 'parts of 100'. 1% is 1 for each 100, etc. Another way to say this is: 1% = 1/100. In the example 10% = 10/100 - this is an instruction to you: 'first multiply with 10, then divide with 100'. In this way 10% of 70 becomes: 70 multiplied with 10 - gives 700. 700 divided with 100 - it gives 7. Hope it helps :-)

jan p anderson

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