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Name: Heather
Status: student
Age: 17
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 

What is the connection between Quantum Mechanics and Hyperspace have to do with the use of matrices and matrix algebra?

Wave functions which descripe the various quantum states can be represented by a matrix. In real calculations these matrices are very large, several hundreds rows and columns. Hence thousands of elements. Manipulation of these matrices requires computers which have to be programmable to deal with all sorts of algebra tricks to make the problems feasible. The manipulations finally yield, energies of the quantum states and wavefunctions. These are all very important in understanding a wide variety of materials.

Dr. Myron

I don't know about hyperspace, but QM is based on the notion of a vector space. Everything observable in the real world is calculated as the inner product of two vectors, one of which has been operated on (multiplied by a matrix) by an operator that represents the observable. Frequently, its not merely a single product, but a sum over such products involving all the basis vectors in the space.

Tim Mooney

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