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Name: Ahmed
Status: student
Grade: other
Country: Saudi Arabia

Date: Spring 202014

What strategies are used to motivate young people studying mathematics during last 50 years?

We recommend you contact the professional teaching organizations, such as the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics ( ). Such organizations have journals that often report such research. You can follow the citations in those articles. A search at can also be helpful.

Nathan A. Unterman

As a former math teacher and junior high department chairperson, I found that the most important factor in developing pupil enthusiasm with the teaching of mathematics can be attributed to the confidence, energy and personality of the math teacher. Teachers with advanced degrees (not always)in math or years of experience were better able to visualize how math progression and realization creates a form of beauty, if you will. These people could instill a high degree of excitement and fun for students from these understandings and personal comfort level. I was fortunate to have some of these teachers as a student and as collegues.

I personally found that any of the approaches suggested with all the studies during the last 20 years had little to offer in mathematic instruction if the math teacher was not confident and enthusiastic.

Steve Sample

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