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Name: Pete
Status: Educator
Grade: N/A
Location: GA
Country: USA
Date: November 2005

What type of plastic can be "welded" with acetone?


The "welding" that you speak of is really just the action of dissolving some of the plastic and allowing the pieces to recrystallize or reform across pieces - forming a physical bond. Actually quite a few commercial plastics are soluble (or at the very least swollen) by acetone. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say exactly what plastics can weld since formulations and manufacturing processes applied to the plastic can impart a wide range of properties on the plastic part. In general, most polystyrene formulations can be dissolved by acetone (you can easily test this by applying just a little bit of acetone onto polystyrene foam packaging or on the clear plastic windows of envelopes).

Roberto Gregorius

Thermoplastic acrylic plastics (Plexiglas) can be "welded" with acetone, but that is not the solvent of choice because it is too volatile. There are solvent blends available at hobby, art, and/or glass stores that work better -- forming a stronger bond.

Vince Calder

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