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Name: Zachary
Status: student
Grade: 6-8
Date: Spring 2012

Are items with hydrogen molecules poor conductors of heat? Why or why not?

Hi Zachary,

I am mystified by what you mean by " items with hydrogen molecules"! Can you be more specific? What kind of "items" are you referring to that you think contain hydrogen molecules? Hydrogen molecules (that is, H2) exist as a gas at normal temperatures, and I am unaware of any "items" that contain molecules of H2 gas.

Perhaps you could re-submit your question with more detail.

Regards, Bob Wilson

Hi Zachary, it is hard to understand what exactly you are asking because the words you have chosen are unclear. The answer depends on what you mean by "items", and what you mean by "with", and when you say a hydrogen _molecule_, do you mean (diatomic) hydrogen gas, or just some molecule that contains hydrogen? Oils are very good conductors of heat, and they are hydrocarbons (they have a lot of hydrogen atoms in their molecules). Hydrogen gas, on the other hand, like any gas, is a poor conductor. So if your "item" is two sheets of metal with a thick layer of hydrogen gas between them, well that would not be a good conductor. The gas layer is a good insulator. If this isn't what you were asking, please reply and clarify what you mean.

Hope this helps, Burr Zimmerman

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