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Name: Zoran
Status: Student
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Did anyone try cross-breeding of humans and chimpanzees ? What is known is that the genetic difference between humans and chimps is small ( compared to genetic difference between various animals that have been successfully cross-bred ), that is, chimps and humans share 98.4 % DNA, which suggest that something like that is possible.

All organisms share a good part of their DNA, and one organism will treat another's DNA as its own (for the most part) but there are natural species barriers to mating. For one thing, chimpanzees have 48 chromosomes and humans have 46. After fertilization when the cell starts to divide, there would be an uneven number of chromosomes between the male and female. The cell would die. Also, in some species the male has two of the same sex chromosomes and the female is the one with different chromosomes. Just because the DNA (genes) are 99% the same doesn't mean that they are in the same place on the same chromosomes. During homologous pairing in meiosis, the chromosomes must match up. Besides, the human genome is estimated to contain about 3 billion nucleotides (A, C, T, G's). 1% of that is still 3 million differences.

van hoeck

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